Landscaping Supplies

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What does he get out of landscaping, anyway, aside from dirty fingernails, overworked sweat? All this from not beginning his project with all the right landscaping supplies.

The very last summer we decided that we wanted to develop the landscaping in the front of our home. We had the plastic edging that surrounded the perennials that we had planted along the sidewalk.

The edging would heave out of the ground each spring with the matilda the musical tickets frost and it did not enhance the flowers. We decided that we would use landscaping blocks to replace the plastic edging.

When we went to the home improvement center to get our landscaping supplies we discovered a quantity of items that would help improve the look of the front yard.

We found that the blocks we were interested in came in several colors along with coordinating stones that could be used to create a garden path. We chose blocks that had several shades of gray in them.

We in addition incorporated heavy plastic and anchors in the landscaping supplies. We were going to use the plastic to put underneath decorative rock to prevent weed growth. We stopped at the nursery to order the decorative rock.

While we were at the nursery we chose several shrubs to place in the rocked areas. This completed the landscaping supplies that we needed to do the project.

The next door neighbor saw us drive into the yard with our landscaping supplies. He came over and offered to help with the project. As we were working another neighbor came over to see what we were doing with the landscaping supplies.

He also began helping with the project. With the additional help the landscaping supplies were soon unloaded from the trailer and the work on the project began.

I was in progress off removing the plastic edging that had been in place. We cut this up in smaller pieces and placed it in heavy duty garbage bags to be disposed of. The guys started placing the landscaping blocks by digging a shallow trench.

This allowed the blocks to be buried about halfway, leaving three inches exposed to hold back the decorative rocks as well as the dirt in the perennial area. We had thought that this project would take a week to complete by working a few hours each evening.

With the additional help we received from the neighbors we were able to finish the project over the weekend.

The landscaping blocks alongside with the new shrubs and rock have to a great extent improved the appearance of our front yard. The cost of the landscaping supplies was quite reasonable because we picked them up ourselves and did the labor.

Having the neighbors involved in the project not only helped us to complete the task faster, but also made finishing the project fun. Next weekend we are going to help the neighbors complete a project in their yard.

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