Carpet Installation

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Buying a carpet is a very big investment, depending on the type of carpet you choose they can cost thousands of dollars. Most companies that sell carpets usually offer installation services to their customers, but you should read the fine print to be aware of exactly what these installation services include.

Some of the things that you should look for are:

Delivery of new carpet and pad, Installation of carpet and pad, clean up of job site which should include removal of all carpet and pad scraps and vacuuming, Removal of old carpet and pad including disposal, etc. Also be sure and discuss other aspects of the installation such as if there will be any extra cost to move your furniture or are you require to have it remove before the installer arrives.

To prepare your room for the new carpet installation before the carpet installer arrives, you should complete any jobs such as painting the walls or wallpapering them if necessary. Clean the miami seo expert old carpet by vacuuming it to prevent any dust and dirt, and after removing the old carpet you should vacuum the floor.

When the new carpet arrives you should check to make sure that it is in fact the right color, style and texture and check for any defects, such as staining etc. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the Standards for Installation of Residential Carpet (CR1 105) which requires that carpet must be power-stretched to minimize wrinkling and ripping, and seal edges must be sealed with the correct type of adhesive in order to prevent raveling at the edges, and ensure that your installer is also aware of these Standards and that he follows them.

When installation has started you may find that because your new carpet is thicker than the old one the doors may not be able to open and close smoothly and this would require the installer to remove the doors and re-hang them as necessary.

If the doors cannot be hung in such a way so as to open and close smoothly then the carpet will have to be trimmed in order to accommodate proper positioning of the doors. Also you will have to ensure that there is enough air circulating in the room as the adhesive used in carpet installation can be harmful, so open all windows and doors have as many fans running as possible.

After the carpet has been installed you will have to vacuum the room to remove any loose fibers, and again keep the room well ventilated for approximately two to three days after the installation.