Bidet Install Electronic Bidet Toilet Sets

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Bidet: When the first toilet was invented, mankind evolved as a race and civilization was further solidified in the history books. The toilet was possibly the best thing that could have happened to mankind.

But in the 17th century the cunning French devised a new type of toilet that took cleaning and personal hygiene to a whole other dimension. They invented the bidet (pronounce bih-DAY), plural bidets.

Though the exact inventor is unknown, what is known about bidets is that it is a fountain like toilet that was meant solely for use as a cleaning/washing agent after bowel movement.

The term 'Bidet' is a French word that alluded to the seo consultant sydney sitting/saddling position of horse riders. From its inception the Bidest we were largely employed by the rich in France, until it became desirable and economically available for the masses, only then it was largely used by women.

Today bidets are still associated as a woman's piece of bathroom furniture although, hygienically speaking, it is a useful tool for everyone and with various technological advancements bidets are quickly losing all its stereotypes.

The 1900's saw all sorts of new features and additions to bathroom appliances and bidets were no different. In 1960 the first electronic bidets were invented and today electronic bidets opens the lid when it sense a user nearby, automatically starts the fountain spray, flush when done and finally closes the lid again for the user.

Indeed bidets today are more of an electronic marvel than anything else and it is with all these appealing changes in mind that manufacturers are diverting their marketing strategies so target men, the elderly and the physically disabled as opposed to a wide female demographic.

Furthermore, features like heated seat, adjustable water pressure, flow and temperature are quickly making bidets a must have piece in the bathroom. Bidets, usually likened to a toilet is actually more in line with a bath tub or wash basin and many people use it to wash feet and other body parts, however it is still considered mostly an additional to bathroom, toilet hygiene.

Since they take on a similar appearance to the toilet, bidets match any interior décor and bathroom design since they come in all different colors and a few varied designs though most of these are variations of a contemporary design.

igns though most of these are variations of a contemporary design.